about us

gingerbeet was established in 2008 with a clear mission: the happiest horses on the planet.

We seek to encourage beneficial learning, growth and development of your relationships with horses through providing you educational tools and the ability to learn by experimentation. We hope to provide you with an accessible website that is entertaining, engaging, informative and supports a learning community.

In return for your help in submitting ideas, comments and experiences, we’ll provide you with:

  • Reviews of saddles and equipment available for rent through our rentals store
  • An online shop which sources products we think are cool and/or informative
  • Forums where you can discuss, chat, debate, research and create or participate as you see fit

gingerbeet is a community project: we seek your input and actively encourage you to help build this as a place to share and learn with your peers. If you have questions or feedback, you can contact us through comments and forums, or email.

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